The Code of Practice on Energy Labelling of Products 2014 will be fully implemented from 25th November, 2015. To facilitate the full implementation of new energy efficiency grading standards (existing grading), please take note of the following points:-

  1. The energy label under the existing grading is valid before 25th November, 2015.
  2. From 25th November, 2015 onwards, the energy label shown on any room air conditioners, refrigerating appliances and washing machines should follow the new energy efficiency grading standards (new grading). The energy label of existing grading on the display product in the retail shops can be replaced with the new grading energy label within one week before 25th November, 2015.
  3. Except that the prefix "U1" will be added in front of the reference number on the new grading label, the layout will remain unchanged in general."