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空調管道隔熱材料知識,技術理論及實務證書課程 (6th Class)- 10月20日 (星期五)


根據政府規定,承判政府工程之隔熱保溫安裝,承判商必須提供不少於一成 (10%) 安裝技術人員持有本會或同等認可機構發出合資格証書的技術人員指導施工。



學員可獲發 三小時 CPD證書 / 課程出席證書,以玆證明,課程詳情如下:


日期:   二零二三年十月二十日 (星期五)

地點:     香港灣仔港灣道4號灣景國際酒店2樓宴會廳

時間:    上午 時至

理論課 – 保溫理論、材料知識、政府法例和市場資訊(上午 中午 十二 )

實務課 – 施工注意事項、保溫材料安裝技術及理論(下午 )

費用:    港幣600元正



ACRA Go Kart Competition (SAIVER WELAIRE Cup) & (ACRA President Cup) - 16 September 2023


We are pleased to inform you that our Youth Committee is organizing the ACRA Go Kart Competition (SAIVER WELAIRE Cup) & (ACRA President Cup) on 16 September 2023 for members’ participation.

Attached herewith is the event flyer with detailed information for your registration.

Application link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdRbktLSCzfwjVzD65hFC5Q4z-qUIe6QW3L0imeWsLL0TAPAA/viewform

Please join this fun event!


「使用輕度易燃製冷劑家用式空調機組」實習培訓班 (Class 21) – 2 Jun 2023



日期: 2023年62日(星期五)
時間:  上午8:30 至下午12:30 (理論課),下午13:30 至下午17:00 (實習課)
費用: 港幣$2,310.00 (香港空調及冷凍商會會員或協辦單位)
地點: 香港薄扶林道145號職業訓練局薄扶林大樓

詳情請參照 附件資料及報名表。


Next Generation Refrigerants Development Class (14th class) - 17 May 2023

Co-organised with EMSD and VTC, ACRA is now organising the 14th seminar on ‘Next Generation Refrigerants Development’ in kinds of Webinar in below details:-

Date :               17 May 2023 (Wednesday)

Time :               1:30pm-5:30pm

Venue :           VTC Training Complex (Room G02C), 145 Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong

Fee:                  $450 (for ACRA members & Co-organisers), $550 (for non-members)


A Certificate will be issued to the candidates who have successfully completed the course.


Program Highlight:

For protecting our ozone layer & climate, most of common refrigerants with high ozone depletion potential and global warming potential have been or are being phased out. Government, Developers, Consultants, and Contractors are loving to see new generation refrigerants coming to the market asap.


In this seminar, we will discuss various new refrigerants that may be used in industrial, commercial, and residential building. Participants can know more about the history & evolution, and the comparison of existing options with some new options including efficiency, flammability, changes to equipment, components and working procedures.


Recent incidents and accidents along with application trends will provide the back drop to discuss the refrigerant handling & risk management. Relative standards, regulations and legislations will be also discussed.


Please find attached application form and course content for your information.



HFC & Blend Type Refrigerants License Training – 20 Apr 2023

We would like to organize a revision course for registered workers who had successfully completed the training courses previously held for Workers in Handling HFC & Blend Type Refrigerant for ArchSD projects. In this revision course, an update of the current development of refrigerants and a refreshment of the training materials will be conducted. Details are as follows:-

Date : 20 April 2023 (Thursday)
Time : 9.30am to 11.30am
Venue : IVE(Morrison Hill) Lecture Theatre LT02, 6 Oi Kwan Road, Wanchai
Fee : $400 (for members), $500 (for non-members)

Please find the attached application form and course content for your information. Interested parties please return the completed registration form to us by 14 April, 2023.


Joint Technical Visit to Shanghai 2023 Expo - 5 - 8 April 2023

ACRA, ASHRAE HKC and HKAEE are jointly organised a 4-day Technical Visit from 5 to 8 April 2023 to Shanghai. In this occasion, our visiting team will visit the China Refrigeration Expo 2023 (www.cr-expo.com) and some job sites as well as factories.

Preliminary Itinerary
5 Apr 2023 (Thu) : - Hong Kong International Airport to Shanghai - Hotel Check in
6 Apr 2023 (Fri) : - Factory Visit
7 Apr 2023 (Sat) : - Visit to China Refrigeration Expo
8 Apr 2023 (Sun) : - Attraction Point Visit / Shanghai Int'll Airport to H.K.

The maximum number of participants is 30 and application will be accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis. You are strongly encouraged to make prompt registration, to facilitate the booking of air tickets and hotel rooms, by completing the attached Registration Form (one per participant) and returning it to info@acra.org.hk or fax at 2598 0102 by 28 Feb 2023.


ACRA Spring Dinner 2023 – 3 Mar 2023

To celebrate the New Year of Rabbit, we would like to invite you to join ACRA Spring Dinner 2023 on 3 March 2023 (Friday). We have also arranged lucky draw to make the evening enjoyable for everyone.

Furthermore, there will be Booths and Banners display at the cocktail area for promotion of members’ products and services throughout the evening. Members are encouraged to take this opportunity to market your products and services.

Attached herewith is the event flyer with detailed information and form for your action. Look forward to sharing a happy evening with you all!


「使用輕度易燃製冷劑家用式空調機組」實習培訓班 (Class 20) – 20 & 28 Feb 2023



日期: 2023220日及28
費用: 港幣$2,310.00 (香港空調及冷凍商會會員或協辦單位)
地點: 網上進行 (理論課香港薄扶林道145號職業訓練局薄扶林大樓 (實習課)

詳情請參照 附件資料及報名表。


「使用輕度易燃製冷劑家用式空調機組」實習培訓班 (Class 19) – 20 & 21 Feb 2023



日期: 2023220日及21
費用: 港幣$2,310.00 (香港空調及冷凍商會會員或協辦單位)
地點: 網上進行 (理論課香港薄扶林道145號職業訓練局薄扶林大樓 (實習課)

詳情請參照 附件資料及報名表。


「使用輕度易燃製冷劑家用式空調機組」實習培訓班 (Class 18) – 5 & 13 Jan 2023



日期: 202315日及13
費用: 港幣$2,310.00 (香港空調及冷凍商會會員或協辦單位)
地點: 網上進行 (理論課香港薄扶林道145號職業訓練局薄扶林大樓 (實習課)

詳情請參照 附件資料及報名表。


「使用輕度易燃製冷劑家用式空調機組」實習培訓班 (Class 17) – 5 & 6 Jan 2023



日期: 202315日及6
費用: 港幣$2,310.00 (香港空調及冷凍商會會員或協辦單位)
地點: 網上進行 (理論課香港薄扶林道145號職業訓練局薄扶林大樓 (實習課)

詳情請參照 附件資料及報名表。